Q: What’s included?
A: Once you complete the sign up process, we begin working on your inaccuracies on your credit report. Then we start working on removing negative items from creditors and debt collection agencies.

Q: How long does it take CreditSails to get started?
A: After you sign up, we start on your profile within 24 hours.

Q: What should I expect after your first letter?
A: Results vary. What must happen by law is credit bureaus, collection agencies, etc. have 30 days to respond to the letters that are sent in. There must be proof from original debtors with verified proof of the original debt. Please not we can not guarantee some results.

Q: Does CreditSails share any personal information?
A: No absolutely not, 100% we will never share any personal information with anyone.

Q: Do you dispute with collection agencies and/or creditors?
A: Yes, when necessary we will dispute inaccurate information with collectors and creditors.

Q: How long does CreditSails work on a credit profile?
A: A minimum of 3 months

Q: How does Credit Sails help build credit?
A: Educating each client on the credit do’s and don’ts along with helping set up trade lines, secure credit cards and more.