Business Credit Audit

Business Credit Audit

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This Business Credit Audit Zoom call is perfect for that business owner that wants that extra human touch when dealing with such a sensitive subject. 

This one time (30 Min.) call is designed for you


> Getting started building business credit and need to be pointed in the right direction 

> Get "un-stuck"

(Most clients get their EIN & LLC and say what next?

We help you figure out what's next for YOU!.

> Understand why you're getting denials and what can be done

> Guidance with how to legally structure your business based on your personal situation

(Such as I put the wrong address when filing my LLC, now what?) 

> Help avoid future denials by road-mapping a game plan customized for you. 

(I.e selecting and helping you set up the appropriate vendor accounts needed to improve your odds!)


*This program requires to you do the legwork and understand how important asking the right questions is, you must ready!