You Need Credit Ebook

You Need Credit Ebook

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Learn the Credit Secrets "Gurus" Don't Want You to Know 
With this guide, Malik will teach you How to Handle Credit Cards While You Learn how to handle credit cards, how different credit lines affect your credit report, how to dispute negative remarks, and ultimately, this guide will help you understand the key factors to building a solid credit foundation.
Whether you have yet to apply for credit, or already have credit cards maxed out; I hope this guide can shed some light on how credit works.
  • How to Manage your Credit Cards
  • What to Do If You Are a Victim of Identity Theft 
  • Tips and Tricks to Raise Your Credit Score and Get 730+ Point  
  • Understanding FCRA and Section 609
  • What the Credit Bureaus and the Lawyers Do Not Want You to Know    
  • Learn the Right Mindset for Credit Management


Exclusive Dispute Letters used for:

  • Requesting Verification Dispute Letters to Credit Bureaus (Round 1-2)
  • Requesting Validation Dispute Letters to Debt Collectors (Round 1-2)
  • Good Will Template
  • Debt collectors fail to Respond to Dispute Template
  • HIPPA Violation dispute letter
  • Inquiry Removal Dispute Letters
  • SageStream Freeze Letter
  • Cease Phone Calls Letter Template
  • Pay for Deletion Letter Template
  • Wage Earner Plan Template 
  • Hidden Tips to Improve Speed

How does it work?

The above letters will be used to force the credit bureaus to fully verify accounts reported on your credit report. If they’re unable to fully verify the account they must remove them within 30 days.