Start Swinging Back

So you are scared, made mistakes, got burned, stop paying, been late, or just, in general, let your credit get the best of you and now have allowed your credit to hold you and your family back...


Who is the Prime Credit Group for?


This aggressive 4-month program is for you if you need the experts to dispute negative items off your credit report.


If you need under 15 negative items removed across all 3 bureaus. 


If you have less than 1 major derogatory remark ( ex. repo, eviction) 


If you need a tidy-up before a house closing 


If you recently had your credit ran 


If you need the experts to handle the job


if you are in a rush needing an expert to specialize on a collection



Scheduled appointment calls every month to discuss any letters received, removals, and next round plan of action.

What can you expect from us?


>  Knowledge


> Availability


> Diligence 


> Excitement about your growth!


> A-Team Fighting for You!


> Personalized Plan of Action 




After successfully enrolled you'll receive two email with instructions and access to your 24/7 client portal 

What do you gain after being enrolled in Prime Credit Group?


> Monthly Analysis of Credit Report


> Community 


> Removal of negative items stopping approvals


> Credit Dispute Management Team 


> Acess to higher funding 


> Acess to lower APR 


> Home & Car Loan Approvals


> 15 negative Items & 25 hard inquiries skillfully disputed for removal 


Prime Final Payment

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How many negative items do you have?

If you are wondering how many negative items you have, visit your Credit Karma app, select "Equifax" or "TransUnion" scroll down until you see credit factors (as shown) You add up all derogatory marks, hard inquiries, and late payments, and any major collections (bankruptcy repo, etc.)

This client had 8 DM ( 5 Late payments + 3 collections)  + 14  Hard inquries

Repeat for all bureaus.


If the total exceeds 15 DM or HI exceeds 25 across all 3 bureaus, Join Golden

Need more help? Want the VIP treatment?
This is the program for those suffering from major credit issues such as excessive collections, bankruptcy, evictions, repossessions, and derogatory remarks of this nature. We got you covered.
Golden Credit Group
Golden Credit Group
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